As my last article reports, every Monday for the next few weeks, there is a Special on Viennese coffee. And because the classic mélange, mokka or “Einspänner” are too boring, I will present you the very strangest Viennese coffee specialties. There are a few really strange ones, believe me. Today, in the middle of the long Easter weekend, I’m gonna present you the first one, the “hangover coffee”. Perhaps some of you need that sort of coffee today?

A jury of very brave coffee junkies will then (in a few weeks) review all of the coffee specialties and elect the most strangest one. Before the big election, the candidates are now presented one by one.

Wiener Katerkaffee - Hangover Coffee

I myself have never seen a hangover coffee on the menu of a Viennese coffee house, and never drank it before this blog post. But according to the internet it is quite typical Viennese and very traditional (Sorry the link is only available in german).

For whom is the hangover coffee recommended?

Wiener Katerkaffee - Viennese Hangover Coffee

This Viennese hangover coffee is made for a somewhat smaller audience. Namely, you should answer with a YES to all of the points below, to be part of the target group:

  1. You have a hangover at the moment?
  2. You drink your coffee black, usually?
  3. You drink your black coffee WITH sugar?
  4. You happen to have sugar cubes in the house and are able to find them in your current hungover state? (for me that part would not be so easy, because in my kitchen, most of the things are stored up in very high shelves for which you need a ladder. Nevertheless, I could make out a pack of sugar cubes at the top kitchen shelf.)
  5. You dare to rub your sugar cubes on lemon zest before drinking your black hangover coffee (and your stomach in hungover state is strong enough for something like this).

If you can answer with a YES! YES! YES!  to all of the 5 questions, the hangover coffee is almost yours. Or alternatively, if you do not care and you want to try the coffee anyway, here are the instructions:

So these are the ingredients for a hangover coffee:

[ingredients title=”Ingredients”]

  • 1 cup of strong black coffee
  • 1 lemon (organic, cause you only need the zest)
  • Sugar cubes to taste (If you do not have sugar cubes, you can maybe just add some lemon zest and loose sugar to the coffee)


That’s how it is done:

Wiener Katerkaffee - Viennese Hangover Coffee

[directions title=”Directions”]

  1. Prepare the black coffee
  2. Wash and dry the lemon
  3. Take the sugar cubes and rub them on all sides with the lemon zest
  4. Sweeten your coffee to taste with the lemon sugar cubes



Wiener Katerkaffee - Viennese Hangover Coffee


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