The last few weeks I presented you the finalists for the award for the Strangest Viennese Coffee Specialty. A very courageous jury of coffee-loving experts have tasted them all! (Within one afternoon…) And after having a bit of a coffee overdose and being slightly drunk (if you’ve read the recipes for the coffee specialties, you know what I mean), they have finally announced a winner!

Wiener Kaffee Viennese Coffee

The selection process for the Strangest Viennese Coffee Specialty

After having tasted the served coffee, the jury had to give points from 1 to 6, where 6 was the best and 1 the lowest. There where 2 categories, where the jury could give points: “The Strangeness” of the coffee and how much they liked it (“Deliciousness”). Then they had to answer, if they would order it in a coffee house and if they would prepare the recipe for guests at home.

Although the servings where tiny, after 6 of these weird coffee specialties, all of the jury had a little caffeine and sugar overdose and were slightly drunk of all the weird liqueur ingredients…

So I wanted to say: thank you guys and girls for being such a couragous and self-sacrificing jury!!!

Finally, which coffee was the very strangest…?

02 Wiener Kaffee Viennese Coffee

And the winner for the Strangest Viennese Coffee Specilty is…

No. 1: The White Milkskin Coffee!

This interesting Viennese Coffee Specialty was definitely the winner for the award with 5.8 out of 6 points for “Strangeness”. Our coffee specialists from the jury could hardly believe their eyes, when they saw the milkskin formed on top…

!! Milkskin Coffee Weisser mit Haut

No. 2: Kaisermelange AND The Tsar’s Coffee (Zarenkaffee)

Both with foamy egg yolk, the first one (Kaisermelange) with additional cognac and honey, the second one has got a foamy sugared crown of egg yolk on top… Both all together quite strange with 5 out of 6 points for “Strangeness.



Beeing asked, if they would order the 3 coffee specialties above in a coffee house or prepare them for their guests, the definitive answer of the jury was a no!

04 Wiener Kaffee Viennese Coffee

No. 3 Kosakenkaffee (Cossack’s Coffee)


This interesting coffee cocktail, out of strong black coffee, red wine, vodka and liquid sugar was also chosen among the strangest ones, but at the same time kind of “accepted” by the jury, after they mixed it with crushed ice and decided it should be drank as a shot instead as a coffee. So the jury would not recommend to order the Kosakenkaffee in a coffee house, but in a bar or club instead.


No.1 most liked Viennese Coffee

Biedermaier Coffee

Statistically speaking, there was (kind of a) negative correlation between “strangeness” and “deliciousness”. The less strange the coffee was, the more the jury liked it. So it was no surprise, that the “less strangest one”, the Biedermeier, was the most liked one and because of that, should be honored as well, somehow.

The “sandwich” among the finalists: Hangover Coffee

Wiener Katerkaffee - Hangover Coffee

With its sugar cube rubbed on lemon zest, the hangover coffee aims to wake you up after a long night out. This mix of coffee and lemon taste did split the group, so the average outcome was a sandwich position both in “Strangeness” as in “Deliciousness”. (Taste reminded the jury of black tea with lemon.)

03 Wiener Kaffee Viennese Coffee

So, what do you say? Would you like to order these coffee specialties in a Viennese Coffee House (if available on the menu) or prepare them for your guests at home?

05 Wiener Kaffee Viennese Coffee

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