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Besides of the crust, what’s the best part of a pork roast? Exactly, the drippings! Thus, pork roast gravy made from dribblings, and served with onions and greaves on top is one of the best things ever, if you like pork roast! (Directly to recipe)

I don’t say you should eat that every day. Although I did that, to be honest, for the last few days. For breakfast ;).

Whenever I visit a Heuriger, I order a “Bratlfettn-Brot” (bread with gravy) and look forward to this perfect combination of pure fat, salt, spices and pork roast flavor and in this moments, I feel really thankful to that pork roast for it has done such a good job.

When you have the chance to visit a Heuriger in Vienna or other parts of Austria (That’s a typical Austrian “wine tavern”), you may try it out ;). On the pic, it’s on the slice of bread you see at the top.

Before we go on to the recipe, I want to say thank you to the Heuriger “Zum Reichsapfel”, located close to my home in the 2nd district. They provided me with the red-white checkered cloth you can see below… Thank you so much!

But not only because of this, I can totally recommend this Heuriger!

Schank zum Reichsapfel
Karmeliterplatz 3, 1020 Wien

So, how do you make pork roast gravy at home?

First: you make pork roast, for example like this.

Then, after the roast is finished, you put aside some of the drippings. You cool it in a glass or can, stir a bit, and that’s it!

The parts you put aside of the drippings should be realtively fatty, otherwise the gravy will not become hard. This means, you should not pour to much liquid to the roast while roasting in the oven.

If you desire some gravy AND lots of drippings, you may, after roasting is finished, take aside the fatty parts of the dripping, and add some more water or soup in the end.

Here is the print version of the recipe


Austrian pork roast gravy

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Servings 4 persons


  • 1 pork roast with drippings recipe see link


  • After the roast is finished, you put aside some of the drippings.
  • You put it in a glass or can and let cool in the fridge for a few hours.
  • Before using as spread, stir a bit, so that the fat parts get mixed with the rest of the gravy.
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