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Austrian cuisine needs breadcrumbs for almost every meal. To make them at home has many advantages, but also disadvantages.

DIY Bread Crumbs Vienna Recipes4


Benefits of homemade breadcrumbs:

  • A good conscience (no waste of old rolls anymore!)
  • For the health conscious ones: wholemeal breadcrumbs! (at least worth a try)


  • Crumbs everywhere!
  • While the old rolls dry, they are lying all around the apartment and look at you stupidly


If you live in a country where you can’t buy bread crumbs at the grocery store (so almost any other country except Austria and Germany, I guess…), or you want, like my grandma, save money and resources, then you may do it yourself.

That’s how it works:

Leftover rolls and / or bread are cut into small pieces and allowed to dry for a few days in the air. Don’t put them into plastic packaging, of course, the pastry needs air, so it does not get moldy.

If really dry, the bread as well as the breadcrumbs are durable until almost all eternities!

I let the pieces dry for a few days on a baking paper or napkin, and then keep them in a paper bag.

DIY Bread Crumbs Vienna Recipes

The dried bread is also great for bread cubes to go with some soup.

Then simply put the bread in a mixer or blender (not too many pieces at the same time), or in a coffee grinder. Or you even have a crumb mill as my grandmother has one. In this case you know this stuff better than me.

DIY Bread Crumbs Vienna Recipes3

I then usually keep the crumbs in a cardboard packaging.

DIY Bread Crumbs Vienna Recipes5


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