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I usually belong to the species of the side-dish and beer-providers, when it comes to grilling. Therefore, for my last recipe, glazed pork loin steaks with nectarines and sheep’s cheese zucchini rolls, I asked for some advice among the barbecue experts in my circle of friends. If the steaks are placed in a grill marinade for a couple of hours (or better overnight), they will taste much better. Everything you need to know for making the perfect marinade, you will find below in the article.

I have also put together tips for you to prevent the drying out of grilled meat. Read more here…

Here comes the ultimate checklist for marinated meat by my friend Grillmeister Leslie:

– the meat must not dry out, it should always be completely covered with marinade
– keep at least 4 hours (best over night) in the marinade
– do not grill directly above the flame
– while grilling, the meat should also kept moist. So always brush the meat with marinade, syrup or honey, while on the grill.

The Secrets of Grill Marinades

The formula for the perfect grill marinade

Whether you prepare a grill marinade for pork chops, chops, beef steaks or chicken. The spices of the marinade can be adapted to the meat. But the basic formula remains the same:

[box style=”rounded”]Lots of oil + acid + sugar + strong flavors = Mp (marinade, perfect)[/box]

The ratio of ingredients varies according to taste and preferences.

Oil: Avoid olive oil, which does not hold the strong heat during grilling. Better use a more neutral oil like sunflower. These are more heat resistant.

Acidity: fruit juice or fruit syrup: The fruity component provides some acidity and at the same time contrasts with the heavy aromas.
Here you can be really creative! How about elderberry and mince syrup instead of fruit juice? Some white wine or balsamico? Or pineapple? Or apricot?

Sugar: The sweet component of the formula tastes particularly good when the sugar caramelizes when grilling.
Sugar can be replaced by honey or also for example maple syrup.

Strong flavors: strong aromas are needed, because when grilling much of the flavor is lost.
Here, the grill master advises spices like cumin, red pepper, curry powder (from the Indian supermarket) and of course lots of salt and pepper. Also beer is a good addition. I have already experimented here with cocoa powder, which tasted quite interesting 😉

For the purists among you there is the formula also derived once again.

If the above is all too much, use the following:
[box style=”rounded”]Oil + beer = Mp ‘(the perfect marinade for purists)[/box]

Here is the link to my last recipe: glazed pork loin steaks with nectarines and sheep’s cheese and zucchini rolls


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