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Fried fish with leeks and parsley potatoes is one of my favorite dishes when I visit my grandma.

Fish with Leeks and Parsley-Potatoes

The recipe is as simple as that: heat some butter or oil, fry the leeks, add the fish. Add salt, pepper, some lemon, finished! My granny usually takes frozen cod fillets. Of course you can take any fish instead of the cod, and if it is some fresh local fish, even better.

The perfect drink to go with the meal is a sip of fine Austrian Almdudler

My grandma always has some bottles at home 🙂 Almdudler is a very traditional Austrian beverage (actually a soft drink) with herbal extracts. Wikipedia compares the taste to ginger ale or elderflower cordial, but it’s rather different, it tastes more like…

…endless summer holidays when you’re 8 years old … but also like annoying sunday afternoons in your childhood, beeing in Viennese restaurants, celebrating something with the extended family, and feeling bored because in the restaurant you cannot play with your cousins but rather have to sit still and be good.

For me it’s the kind of beverage you rarely order in an Austrian cafe or restaurant when grown up, but when offered at your grandmothers’ you simply cannot resist and drink glas after glas. (I don’t get paid by Almdudler for writing this 😉

For dessert I highly recommend a sweet and crunchy crossword puzzle.

However, once again, the ingredients for the fish:

[ingredients title=”Ingredients for fried fish with leeks”]

  • 50g butter (or oil) {Americans: 1/4 cup}
  • leeks, to taste
  • cod fillets

Click here for the instructions for parsley-potatoes, the recipe is as easy as: Boil the potatoes, fry them in butter and parsley. Add salt.  Add even more butter. Taste it. And then add some more butter and salt. Just lovely!

Back to the fish:

[directions title=”Instructions for Grandma’s Fried Fish with leek”]

  1. cut leeks into small pieces
  2. heat a pan with butter
  3. put in the leeks and roast a bit
  4. salt and pepper the fish fillets and sprinkle with a little bit of lemon
  5. fry the fillets in the pan together with the leek
  6. Done!


I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Do not forget to fill in a crossword puzzle for dessert, this is a very important part of the menu!


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