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DIY food coloring from beetroot

Ultra sexy DIY organic vegan gluten-free food coloring from beetroot!

In Austria and Germany, we give our friends and families lucky charms for New Years celebrations. Very popular charms are „lucky pigs“ out of pink marzipan. Do you have similar traditions in your country? (Looking forward to your comments)

Anyway, this year I made some marzipan pigs of my own, but did not want to use synthetic coloring. The recipe I is from and it’s very easy, but takes ist time.

From now on everything will be dyed pink with this natural selfmade food coloring from beetroot!

INGREDIENTS (Serves approx 30g color powder)

[ingredients title=”Ingredients”]

  • 125g beetroot


I quartered a large beetroot for 125g. The amount obtained then is about an espresso cup full of color powder which is more than enough to color absolute everything that crosses your way!

DIY food coloring from beetroot DIY food coloring from beetroot

In the original recipe, the beetroot is cut into small cubes and dried in the sun or in the oven. As I don’t have a garden or balcony, it was of course the oven, which had to run about 7 hours! So when you make the coloring, be aware that you cannot cook something else in there, while the beetroots dry.

I quartered a beetroot and grated it into small pieces. The rest of the turnip made a great-great soup.

Rote Rueben Lebensmittelfarbe DIY (6)R

The small pieces had to dry then in the oven at 50 ° C circulating air for about seven hours (leave the door open for a small gap). When dry, grate the beetrotts to fine powder in a coffee grinder or a shredder.

After I dyed my homemade marzipan, I’m still looking for possibilities where the powder could be used… If you know something, I’m happy for your comment!

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