In the coming days and weeks, I’m really looking forward to post a new special series about the Viennese Heuriger. I’m allready excited about the great recipes to try out and the secret Viennese local’s tipps of their favorite Heuriger in Vienna and surroundings.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about: The “Heuriger” is like a Wine Tavern, typical for the eastern parts of Austria. They exist mostly in the suburban, village-like areas of Vienna City, as well as in Burgenland, Styria, Lower- and Upper Austria. If you ever come to visit Vienna or Austria in general, I can totally recommend an evening out at the Heuriger.

If you are/were a Viennese local: I need your support for this special! Please write me via comment or Facebook, or Instagram a few brief words to the following two questions:

  • What are your favorite dishes when you go to the Heurigerr?
    What is a “must” for you if you eat at the Heurigen?
    (In my case, for example, I almost always black salsify salad, bread with Bratlfettn and the popular Pischinger almond cakes 😉 )
  • What is your favorite Viennese Heuriger (Or in the surrounding areas or other parts of Austria)
    I know my way almost only in the north of Vienna and the surrounding areas (Stammersdorf, Strebersdorf, Hagenbrunn). Do you have tips for the rest of Vienna / Austria?

I would very much appreciate your comments (below in this post on Facebook,or  Instagram)! – Thank you very much ! 😉

Viennese Heuriger

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