Hello and welcome to my blog about Viennese Cuisine!

As the name Vienna Sunday Kitchen wants to show, the blog is about cooking for celebrations, for sunny sundays, for happy holidays with friends and family. Therefore it mainly focuses on my Granny’s recipes as well as Viennese and Austrian recipes that you do not prepare every day (and indeed should not eat every day necessarily).
Vienna Sunday Kitchen TeamVienna Sunday Kitchen Team
The one on the first pic is me, Angelika, when I was a few years younger! On the second pic you see my 90 year old grandmother, who still cooks Schnitzel once or twice a week and teaches me a lot about Austrian cuisine. She’s got her eyes closed, because she did not want to get on the pic 😉

About me

My professional background is in marketing and culture management (with a degree in theater, film and media studies and business administration). I realised that I’m crazy for cooking, when I started to organize huge parties in my flat, just because I wanted to cook a new recipe, and only secondary to have my friends over. They were only invited because someone needed to eat what has been cooked and my boyfriend (now husband) could not do it on his own.

Vienna Sunday Kitchen Team

The one on the picture below is my sister Mary, age 18. Mary is an excellent baker and is specialized in everything that is pink and glittery 😉 When sleeping over at my place, Mary helps with recipe ideas for the blog and also does some of the cooking and baking. (And most importantly, sets up the music playlist for cooking, mostly Katy Perry and Meghan Trainor in endless loop, with the highest volume possible.)

The ones on the other picture below are my grandmother and my brother, as they just have a fit of laughter … (I also have a second brother, who btw makes the very best Chili con Carne the world has ever seen)

My granny stars in a lot of cooking videos and has gained quite a lot of fans through this blog 😉 Here is her famous Apple Pie Video, and here is the link to her magically fluffy jam roulade.
Vienna Sunday Kitchen TeamOma Bild

Last but not least: my husband, who does not only do most of the eating, but assists with the photography, helps with proofreading, gives feedback, works as a promoter by telling everyone about my blog and retweets everything I publish on twitter, AND also installs all of my software updates. Without him, my software would never be up to date, I would still use a DOS computer and a phone from the year 2000 or so.

The one on the next pic is me in my granny’s kitchen, where we prepare – just like every christmas – her famous beef rolls for our family of more than 40 people. At christmas holidays the family is then squeezed into the tiny flat of hers in the 20th district of Vienna and fattened “in shifts” (can you say that in english?) because the dining table has only got room for about 8 people.

And on the other pic you see my granny again, decorating loads and loads of christmas cookies.

Angelika_About  Vienna Sunday Kitchen Team

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