02 Hot Chocolate Sticks

Apparently there are times when one really has time. Time for yourself, time for things that you otherwise do not have time to make. If that is precisely the case with you (!) or you are all excited about to transform your kitchen into a hell of liquid chocolate and pure chaos, or if you need a nice gift or souvenir for some friends…

Then these homemade hot chocolate sticks are just the thing for you! I made three different versions, which I want to show you here.

For 20 sticks in total you need the following equipment


  • 20 spoons, as of wood or plastic in silver look
  • 20 small vessels: for example, Ice forms, small bowls or espresso cups
  • Cling film
  • 20 transparent gift bags
  • Ribbons or something similar for tying the bags


White Tahini – for all fans of white chocolate

The sticks with white chocolate I have “enriched” with tahini, because I was curious about the taste. The sesame butter, which I otherwise actually use only for hummus, was in the refrigerator anyway, so why not …

The result was great – recommended for those which like white chocolate, and have nothing against a subtly bitter taste!

DIY White Tahini Hot Chocolate

Ingredients for 6-7 White Tahina Hot Chocolate Sticks


  • 100g white chocolate couverture
  • 3-4 tablespoons tahini
  • Sprinkles to decorate

Black Gold Hot Chocolate – for purists

The Black Gold Sticks I left with only dark chocolate (nothing else), but decorated with lots of golden sprinkles. The black chocolate hardens faster than the other two variants, because no other ingredients were in it.

DIY Hot Chocolate Sticks

Ingredients for 6-7 Black Gold Hot Chocolate Sticks


  • 100 g dark couverture
  • Golden sprinkles to decorate

Milk Almond Marshmallow Sticks – ur-arg-sweet

The milk chocolate and almond sticks, as the tahini in white chocolate, dry more slowly, which means hardening in the refrigerator is recommended. This variation is for those people like me, for whom nothing can be too sweet.

DIY Hot Chocolate Sticks

Ingredients for 6-7 Milk Almond Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Sticks


  • 100 g couverture milk chocolate
  • 3-4 tablespoons almond butter
  • 4-5 pieces of marshmallows (cut into smaller pieces)
  • Marshmallow Hot Chocolate

That’s how it’s done

In many recipes I’ve found, (here is another great one) the chocolate is poured into ice cube molds made of silicone, which can then be easily removed after they got hard. Ice trays of hard plastic would obviously not work out.

In lack of such silicone ice cube molds, I simply used ALL of our espresso and coffee cups, small bowls and similar things. My boyfriend has watched me somewhat surprised during the action. Eventually, he then asked cautiously skeptical about whether I really had to necessarily give away all of our coffee cups to our friends and if, I am aware that, If I did so, we could not drink any more coffee 😉

DIY Hot Chocolate Sticks

Anyway, the cups were layed out with clingfilm (so that the stick can then be removed again when in a dried form and the cup must not be given away with – the morning is thus saved, it can be drunk coffee again!). The clingfilm draws a kind of irregular shape in the chocolate, which can look pretty nice, though.

DIY White Tahini Hot Chocolate

The chocolate shall be melted in the microwave or in a water bath. The white chocolate is mixed with the tahini, the dark chocolate can remain pure, the milk chocolate, I had refined with almond paste. The I filled the coffe cups with the chocolate and stuck a spoon into the molten mass. After an hour or so, when the chocolate is slightly dried, sprinkle a little sugar sprinkles for decorations. Leave it to dry overnight in a cool place. Since the chocolate is slightly softer with Tahina or almond paste in it, you have to let it dry for longer than the pure chocolate, preferably in the refrigerator.

When the sticks are dry and ready, put them in the plastic bags and decorate them with some more sugar sprinkles or marshmallows, bind them with ribbons.

DIY Hot Chocolate Sticks


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