The Cossacks were horsemen in the southern steppe regions of Russia and Ukraine, mostly fugitive bondsman. Just as adventurous as the history of the Cossacks is this Austrian specialty coffee, the “Kosakenkaffee”, which can be translated with Cossacks coffee.

As seen in the photo allready, two special ingredients are most important for the Kosakenkaffee, besides coffee, of curse: red wine and vodka. In addition, liquid sugar is part of the team. There are also some other recipes in the web that add different spices like cinnamon (similar to hot punch). But we want to leave punch be punch and stick to the version with red wine, vodka and liquid sugar only.

How to make the Kosakenkaffee (“cossacks coffee”)


[ingredients title=”Ingredients for 1 cup”]

  • 1/2 cup of coffee
  • 1/4 cup of red wine
  • 0.7 fluid ounces US (1-2 tbsps.)
  • 1 tsp. sugar (to taste)
  • same amount of water than sugar


 [directions title=”Directions for Kosakenkaffee”]
  1. First the sugar is liquefied. Liquid sugar is – if not necessary, it’s at least helpful – because due to the wine and vodka, the coffee specialty is cooler than the usual coffee. This way, the sugar is allready dissolved and helps to heat up the mix. In a small saucepan, sugar is mixed with the equal amount of water and boiled until the sugar has dissolved. The making of liquid sugar is unfortunately only possible with a slightly larger amount of sugar and water than specified in the ingredients above. That is, there must be at least the bottom of the pot covered with water.
  2. Mix liquid sugar with vodka, red wine and the coffee.
  3. Typically, the Kosakenkaffee is served in a glass with a handle (not a cup) – this special glass is called “Einspännerglas”.



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