The Jewish culture and kosher cuisine are inextricably linked to the history of Vienna. And yet  most Viennese people know very little about this aspect of Viennese everyday life.

That is why, with my new project, the Vienna Cooking Classes, I also offer cookery courses for kosher cuisine! In the project hobby cooks invite you to their home for cooking together.

The courses on the kosher cuisine are aimed at those who want to “sniff” into a kosher household and want to know more precisely what is behind the Jewish food laws. You can register online at

Maschis Delishkes - Kosher Cooking Class

“Maschi’s Delishkes – Kosher Cooking Class”

The participants cook under supervision a kosher menu and see how cooking and every day life are organized in a kosher household. During the meal, host Maschi Mermelstein-Stössel tells anecdotes and stories about Jewish customs and holidays.

Recently, a very nice article was released about the project in the Wiener Zeitung! Here you can read the article. [In German]

The menus change depending on the season and the Jewish festivities.

How does our cooking course about Kosher Cuisine look like?

The kosher cooking classes are held on Thursdays and Sundays. The maximum number of participants for joint cooking is 3 persons. For the subsequent dinner there is more place to sit to table. Therefore, each participant can bring one (or two) additional person(s) to the meal if they wish. So you can end the evening at the joint meal in a big round.

By the way, here I have a recipe from Maschi for you: pickled peppers, which fits super as a side dish to grilled meat or fish or almost anything!

Maschis Deliskes Koscher Cooking Class - Kosher Cuisine

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